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Disney Podcast -- a decidedly DIFFERENT Disney fan podcast! News and rumors on the Disney theme parks including Walt Disney World and Disneyland, as well as news about Disney movies, Disney TV, Disney video games... Disney everything! Join your hosts, comic book creators Thom and Kam Pratt as they dish about The Mouse House!
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Pirates and Princesses | A Disney Podcast

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Jun 16, 2015

Disney pressed souvenir pennies go digital! Fancy food -- seasonal menu offerings at Steakhouse 55 in Disneyland! New Main Street Enchanted windows at Disneyland including Peter Pan, Aladdin, Frozen and more! Tokyo Disneyland unveils Halloween parade floats! New merchandise featuring classic retro Disney art!

New Dreamfinder and Figment comic sequel -- will Dreamfinder be returning to the Imagination pavillion soon? Will there be an announcement at D23 2015, or will it just be more Frozen sing-alongs?

Thom talks about his new park themed Uncle Scrooge covers for IDW Publishing featuring Small World and Test Track! Tomorrowland Speedway scheduled for demolition?!

Let's all take a "Journey into Inebriation" in this episode of the Disney podcast!  

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